Entrance Lobby Refurbishment, London

Entrance Lobby Refurbishment, London

Appointed to undertake a refurbishment of the entrance lobby to a managed office in Kings Cross, Logic CP were appointed by the Clients’ Interior Designers to deliver the revamp of this prestigious building.

The concept required an update of the existing lighting and rear wall behind the reception desk, adding specialist lighting to reduce the existing light levels and make the space warmer and more inviting.

As the works were disruptive and required considerable strip out and removal of existing finishes, our team of in-house tradesman attended site over several weekends to ensure the reception remained functional during the working week. With a ceiling height in excesses of 6 meters high, specialist access equipment was used to gain access to the service voids for fixing and installing the lamps.  

A detailed logistics and programme sequence were created so all parties involved in the project knew what was happening when and how the transition would take place. That way not only our staff knew what was expected of them, but the client had a detailed understanding of what stage their Reception Space transformation would be each week.

The lighting was bespoke and required considerable co-ordination from our management team to ensure the product was installed seamlessly into the existing environment. Adding additional timber to the rear wall with in built lighting and bespoke lit letters to the black granite desk only complimented the space further.

The project was delivered as expected and it created the required outcome, so much so the client said “Really excellent project and really excellent work from you and the Logic team”.